With the application of next gen digital technologies, buildings are now providing intelligence and insights to owners and facilities managers alike. Smart buildings, as proactive members of the team, add real value to both the board and plant rooms.

New technologies are enabling building owners to improve their operational efficiency, user productivity and comfort, whilst expanding the range of services that they can offer to all their users. Building data analytics, robotics, internet-of-things (IoT) devices and AI (Artificial Intelligence) based security systems are all achieving significant improvements for all types of buildings, and both new build and retrofits, as they strive to meet the increasing demands of their stakeholders.

We understand a successful Smart Buildings design team need experts in digital technology and buildings design, operations and maintenance, and we bring together specialists from both these fields to successfully deliver our projects.

Beca believes that smart building technologies need to pass a challenging review of its real value, before it should be adopted on a project. There are many ways to define the value one can derive from technology, and often the most suitable solutions will meet multiple needs, sitting at the centre of overlapping economic, social and environmental perspectives. Through a comprehensive value assessment process, we help our clients select and implement the technology solutions that deliver long term benefits to all building users.


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  • Building cybersecurity
  • Building data analytics
  • Building systems integration
  • Information communication technology
  • Internet of Things sensor networks
  • Video analytics systems

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Justin Hill

Technical Director - Building Services

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Nicolas Brisson

Senior Associate - Security and Communications

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Steve Perkins

Senior Technical Director - Buildings

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