The healthcare environment is a sophisticated and technically challenging one. Our years of experience mean we can deliver long-lasting, cost-efficient structures and services that minimise disruption to patients and medical practitioners.

Healthcare facilities are an extremely expensive investment. That’s why at the heart of our work is an awareness of their capital cost and design longevity. You’ll be able to make the best decision, for now and the future, because we’ll help you understand the long-term effects of design decisions.

That can also include re-thinking the way you work or creating flexible, scalable operating models that are capable of responding to demand and operating at a lower cost - our management consultants can identify and implement successful and sustainable solutions.

Technology is playing a greater role in the delivery of health services. Our experience and in-depth understanding of the specialist requirements of healthcare ensures that our structural designs and services are capable of handling these technological advances.

Our extensive specialist healthcare experience extends from providing ICT advisory services and software development to building hospitals and systems that effectively support pateints, clinical needs and all healthcare stakeholders.

One of the latest developments we're applying our experience to is Smart Hospitals; which combine all the above capabilities to produce healthcare facilities that are ready for the decades ahead.

Find out more about our smart hospitals work here.

Our People

Karl Wilkinson

Market Director – Health

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Mike Quirk

Business Director - New Ventures

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Stuart Smith

Business Director – Health (Buildings)

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Valuable lessons for future hospital design

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Supporting healthcare facilities

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