Airports are the gateways to our communities, connecting goods and people around the globe in remarkable feats of logistical engineering.

We have more than 35 years of design and technical experience in the airports sector (covering airside, landside and terminal design services), and we’re fully equipped to help you build the resilience to succeed and thrive in this “new normal”.

Our expertise includes changes in security and best practice health and safety procedures, maintenance and optimisation of valuable assets, and embracing sustainability and the impacts of your carbon footprint.

By applying our technical expertise and innovative technologies to your project, including Building Information Modelling, crowd modelling and smart building design, we can help you soar.

Together, we can help you to deliver a superior, seamless and stress-free experience for your customers, whether they are domestic or international tourists returning to the skies once more, or military pilots reporting for duty.

This begins with efficient transport connections to and from the airport, a quality terminal experience that encourages passengers to linger in comfort, and smooth take-offs and landings to complete the journey.

Our People

Craig Downey

Principal - Airports

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John Marsh

Market Director - Aviation

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Richard Holyoake

Market Lead - Aviation

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