Harness the power of data, creating a 3D environment that shows how all the elements of your current or future facility will interact. When you have the full picture, there are no surprises – and you can avoid wasted time, effort and materials.

Beca is embracing Building Information Modelling (BIM) – an innovative and productive process for delivering projects and assets by leveraging data.

At the core of BIM is collaboration. Where information is generated and shared with the right stakeholders, at the right time, to make the right decisions. It is underpinned by technology – connecting graphical and non-graphical information together towards optimised decision making.

By adopting BIM with Beca, owners and stakeholders can extract value through more informed decision-making throughout the project and asset’s lifecycle. It can shorten project timelines and enhance environmental and safety outcomes. It allows us to increase the predictability of, and even reduce, capital and operating costs.

Our Services
Beca are challenging inefficient ways of working – seeking to make everyday better for our clients and the worlds we touch.

We’re embracing BIM processes to improve how information is created and ‘flows’ between people, technology, and ultimately underpins decisions throughout the project and asset lifecycle. From design, through to construction and into operations and maintenance – Beca are creating and treating information and data as just as valuable as the physical asset or project lifecycle of each and every project we work on.

We do this by maintaining BIM specialists across a range of assets and industries. From infrastructure, to buildings, through to complex industrial facilities. For each one we tailor our leading BIM services to address our client’s business drivers and needs:

  • BIM Project Delivery – creating, managing, and sharing information and data on projects using BIM processes underpinned by ISO 19650 excellence.
  • BIM Advisory Services - supporting clients with their strategic definition and implementation of BIM and digital processes. These can be strategic, operational or project related.
  • BIM Audits and Assessments – purposely independent from the delivery side, Beca can assess and validate information management practices, processes and approaches against benchmarks, good practice, standards, requirements or contractual commitments.
  • Digital Asset Handover and Management – involves leveraging both the graphical and non-graphical information to enable optimisation of the built asset in terms of cost and performance and support future capital projects.

Our Proof
As an ISO 19650 certified organisation we are at the forefront of internationally recognised BIM excellence.
It’s just one of the many ways we’re are challenging inefficient ways of working – seeking to make everyday better for our clients and the worlds we touch.

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