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Confused by the wide array of AI tools available on the market today? Or perhaps you’re not quite sure what Artificial Intelligence really means in practice?

We can cut through the hype and simplify the complexity of AI to deliver pragmatic solutions that address your business challenges. AI gives us opportunities to look at challenges in powerful new ways – from analysing large sets of data, to translating speech or text into multiple languages, to automating complex engineering designs in a few hours instead of days.

For 100 years now, we have helped clients across multiple markets shape communities, optimise their assets and streamline their operations. And with AI expertise throughout Beca, we bring diverse experiences and backgrounds; integrating our end-to-end advisory and delivery expertise with this emerging digital technology to provide you with a truly holistic approach.

Our use of AI begins with gaining a clear understanding of your goals, so we can identify practical ways to add value to your organisation. It could be through machine learning, visual recognition, natural language understanding, generative design or data analytics – just a few examples of the areas we have experience. To find out more, click on our engagement chatbot button on the bottom right of the screen.

To bring the most relevant and current expertise to your projects, we’ve created a partnering ecosystem which means we keep up to date with the ongoing evolution of this digital technology in a fast moving field. We’re also platform-agnostic and will only use the best systems for your specific needs. Furthermore, we understand the importance of data privacy, security and AI ethics. engagement

We’ve developed a range of engagement tools to support and enhance consultation across a variety of situations, languages and interfaces. Underpinned by natural language processing, our tools make use of AI to engage people in natural conversations and capture a broader understanding of sentiment, views and concerns than traditional approaches.

The AI stores and processes all the data it receives and displays it in an easy-to-read dashboard in real-time. Insights can be easily analysed and displayed, including drilling down into different issues and demographics. Scalable to the needs of different clients and different projects, and able to be used stand-alone or to complement other tools,there are any number of possible ways that can help our clients make everyday better.

For more information about how we are transforming the ways you can connect and engage with your communities, visit our engagement page.

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