For over 100 years we’ve transformed the way we fly, drive, train and boat around our major regions. From highways to bridges and tunnels to airports, we can deliver your transport infrastructure solutions.

Typically, your transport infrastructure project involves more than one transport mode. So it could need new roads, highways, railways, bridges and airports, together with drainage. We understand this complexity and are experts in the design and successful integration of multi-modal transport options.

The design options we present to you will combine value, quality, functionality and aesthetics - and always with your end users and communities top of mind. We focus on working together with you and your contractors to build strong relationships that’ll help with the successful realisation of your project.

Delivering on time and budget is just as important to us as it is to you. We firmly believe in clear, honest and timely communication to make this happen.

Our People

Andrea Rickard

Managing Director – New Zealand

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Dr Kevin Doherty

Group Director - Transport & Infrastructure

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Rachel Fowler

General Manager - Transport & Infrastructure Australia

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