Since 1996, the Pacific Highway has been undergoing an upgrade. We’re helping to complete the last piece in NSW’s road to the north coast.

The northern NSW coastline is a magnet for holidaymakers and those escaping the city. Until now the only way to reach it from Sydney was along the Pacific Highway - a two-lane, heavily-trafficked route stretching to the southern Queensland and Brisbane. Traffic accidents occurred all too often, and disgruntled drivers were held up in long delays.

That is until the NSW Government announced that the entire Pacific Highway would be upgraded to four lanes – one of the largest ever road infrastructure projects undertaken in the State. Since 1996, engineers and contractors have been upgrading the highway section by section, and it’s now more than two-thirds complete.

The $4.35 billion, 155km final stretch is between Woolgoolga and Ballina, and we’re working with our joint venture partner Arcadis to design 23km of it between Maclean and Devils Pulpit.

It’s not without challenges – this section traverses an environmentally sensitive area, there’s a large flood plain and the ground is soft. We’ve brought together the best of our geotechnical, structural and road design engineers from Australia, Sydney, New Zealand and Manila to produce a design that is robust yet sensitive to the location, and can be delivered within the tight timeframe. By 2020 those heading to the north coast will be in for a much smoother ride.




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