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Whether you’re looking to avoid construction delays (and the associated costs), wanting clarity on your property boundaries or to understand the literal lay of the land, our extensive survey services can help.

Save yourself valuable time and money by getting your site surveyed and set-out correctly, first time. Our 3D construction site set-out and engineering survey is useful for buildings and infrastructure projects of all sizes.

Or understand your rights in regards to boundaries disputes, and more. Our cadastral and property advice means you get boundary certainty, before any problems arise. If you need to update or develop your geodetic, mapping and land information systems, we offer geodetic surveying that’ll help you fulfil your strategic objectives.

To design and build any structure with confidence, understand the lay of the land with a topographical survey and spatial measurement. This ensures the data informing your designs will be accurate, avoiding construction costs caused by inaccurate data. Or get the 3D accuracy of a survey plus the clarity and easy interpretation of a 360 degree image with high definition surveying.

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  • Residential
  • Construction set-out and engineering
  • Geodetic
  • Rural
  • Monitoring
  • Infrastructure
  • UAV services
  • High definition surveying
  • Topographical survey and spatial measurement

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