Sydney is growing fast and so are capacity demands on its public transport network. Working closely with Transport for NSW (TfNSW), we’re helping them simplify and modernise their rail network, playing a vital role in delivering their 40-year vision.

To help TfNSW achieve their long-term vision of creating a high frequency ‘turn up and go’ railway system that doesn’t require timetables, we supported the business case for Stage 2 of their ‘More Trains, More Services’ program. This follows our success in delivering develop strategic plans and supporting the business case for Stage 1.

During the course of our work on Stage 2, which commenced in 2018, we provided three integrated project teams, using our Client Relationship Management Framework to keep TfNSW’s Rail Program Delivery branch up-to-date on key project milestones and deliverables, via a single project view.

Harnessing our strong relationship with TfNSW and expertise in stakeholder engagement, we used our thorough understanding of Sydney’s rail network to tackle the challenges it faces, including rapid patronage growth and changing customer behaviour.

As the project progressed, we encountered big shifts in our work, including urgent changes to meet executive directives. We were able to effectively respond to these changes, delivering a strategic plan that coordinates timetable improvements with infrastructure upgrades – including new trains and more integrated transport system.

The final business case was successful, bringing total funding for the overall More Trains, More Services program to $4.3 billion, approving the path to bring Sydney closer to a world-class rail network that will serve it well into the future!

10 month

Project timeframe

10 year

Holistic forward view

$4.3 billion

Total program value

Our Team Says

One such strategic plan would normally take upward of 6 months to deliver. However, by applying our best resources and expertise, we delivered a draft plan in five weeks and a final plan two weeks later.

Hamish Barnet

Senior Management Consultant

Our Client Says

Beca provided great services in developing a strong and coherent narrative for engaging stakeholders that led to the successful development and delivery of the More Trains, More Services Stage 2 Service Plan.

Blake Hughes

Program Manager Service Planning, Transport for NSW

Our People

Peter Twomey

Business Director - Transport (NSW)

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