Since the 1980s, we’ve been designing and supervising projects in Belize - a small Central American country presenting some unique challenges.

Belize is known for its extreme biodiversity and ecosystems, from swampy coastal plains to jungles. For over 30 years, we’ve worked with the Government of Belize – Ministry of Works, providing vital civil engineering services to develop infrastructure essential to everyday life, like roads and bridges.

Working in Belize comes with some unique challenges. Roading needs to be sympathetic to the local environment. Light volume roading projects need to be designed with local construction capabilities in mind, and be relatively low tech to ensure they stay cost effective. So projects use local staff and construction companies, where possible.

A key project we’ve delivered is the Southern Highway Mile 14 to Jalacte road upgrade – a 34km road upgrade through the Mayan jungles of southern Belize. Belize and Guatemala share a border over 200km. Yet there’s only one official crossing point. The new road improves access and economic opportunities to this remote area. We designed the upgrade to two-lane all-weather road standard, and followed the existing alignment closely to reduce the quantity (and cost) of earthworks.

Other recent projects have included:

  • Supervising construction of the Forth Road Project – a new heavy traffic bypass around the towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena
  • Construction supervision for the Mullins River Bridge
  • Designing approximately 10km of town streets over eight municipalities, delivered as part of the Social Investment Fund Municipal Development Project.


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