Knowing as much about the ground as possible for your proposed project means you can make informed decisions about cost, risk and foundations. This is where our geotechnical input helps.

When it comes to ground conditions, no two projects are the same – they all have different challenges and risks. Our geotechnical engineers help you thoroughly understand the risks and opportunities of your project site.                

Smart, economical geotechnical solutions bring development visions to life. When the ground throws up complex problems, they’re solved – quickly and cost-effectively, reflecting our keen awareness of construction workings.

Using remote and field-based mapping and investigation techniques, you’ll have all the information you need to inform the planning, design and construction of your project.

Victoria Park Tunnel Trench Excavation, Auckland
Puketutu Island Rehabilitation Project
Victoria Park Tunnel Trench Excavation, Auckland

Our People

Ann Williams

Beca Technical Fellow - Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology

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Philip Robins

Technical Director - Geotechnical

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