Reduce energy usage from your refrigeration system by up to 15%.

The climate emergency, pressure to meet ambitious sustainability goals, and the stress of rising energy prices has created a demanding landscape for many industrial businesses. Meet Maestro – a digital solution that has been designed to help you mitigate the impacts of these challenges and help bring you the energy and cost savings you need to thrive.

Maestro is a machine-learning-enabled service that optimises the total power consumption of refrigeration systems. Quite simply, it draws upon data from your plant and equipment and uses machine learning to continuously identify process and control improvements for your operating conditions. It can also help you further drive plant optimisation by giving insights to support capital replacement projects, as well as reducing wear and tear on your equipment.

For more than 30 years we’ve worked in the cold storage industry, designing and specifying energy efficient plants and buildings for leading food and beverage clients across Asia Pacific. We’re passionate about efficiency and using every resource wisely, and about making everyday better.

Our People

Adrian Dickison

Senior Technical Director - Chemical Engineering

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Graeme Harding

Technical Director - Process Engineering

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Mathieu Duguay

Business Director - Industrial Digital

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