Cold storage is by nature an energy-intensive industry, with power bills typically the 2nd biggest cost after wages. We’ve designed a simple tool to optimise your industrial refrigeration systems and reduce energy consumption by up to 15%.

Maestro is an intuitive digital tool that allows you to reduce the energy consumption of your industrial cold storage refrigeration systems.

It does this via a simple user interface, that draws upon data from your plant and equipment, using machine learning to identify process and control improvements to achieve significant carbon emission and energy savings. 

Optimising the operation of your refrigeration assets also means less wear and tear on expensive equipment and opportunities to gain further insights to make your plant work better.

There’s modest capital outlay from your end, with minimal new equipment or changes to your existing infrastructure needed to make Maestro work for your business.

Beca has worked in the cold storage industry for more than 30 years, designing and specifying energy efficient plants and buildings for leading food and beverage clients across Asia Pacific. We’re passionate about increasing efficiency and can get started immediately with your business, without disrupting operations!

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