As we move towards a lower carbon future, Beca’s Decarbonisation Planning specialists can develop a practical roadmap to help your business decarbonise its operations – leading to a lower carbon, more resilient future.

This is just one of Beca's many Decarbonisation related services covering a broad range of markets. Stay tuned for more information on our website in coming weeks...

The world's economies are moving to reduce their carbon emissions.

At the top of their agenda is the need to lower emissions from the most carbon intensive industries, with energy, heat production and industrial processes key contributors. In 2020 Industrial processing contributed 6% of net emissions in Australia and 22% of net emissions in New Zealand. To reduce carbon emissions while maintaining sustainable operations, a broad and transformational approach is required to solve this multifaceted problem.

Our Decarbonisation Planning specialists use their in-depth knowledge coupled with engineering expertise and Beca's core skills in project accounting, to develop and design a roadmap with a programme of works aligned with the future of your business. Our roadmap will be underpinned by our experience in Masterplanning of industrial sites so we take into account your current site operations and how your future growth will be integrated into the site.

By taking a holistic view of your operations, we can prioritise and focus attention on the changes most likely to translate into meaningful results and have the biggest impact on your carbon footprint and energy usage. We’ll apply our experience in Process Engineering to understand your operations and energy systems with a balanced focus on the energy supply and demand requirements.

Our experience in all stages of project delivery, from feasibility studies through to commissioning and operations, underpins the knowledge that we will use to partner with you to transform your strategic objectives into a roadmap to reality.

This begins with establishing a baseline energy balance for your business, by investigating both your energy utility supply and process demand requirements. This is a key input to workshopping and developing a long-term strategic roadmap that considers the following crucial factors:

  • Energy Efficiency and Heat Recovery
  • Reducing energy demand through process technology change
  • Fuel switching to lower carbon fuels and electrification opportunities

We also understand the funding available in the market that can help you facilitate this important transition. And by drawing upon our practical experience – including numerous projects we’ve already completed in this niche field combined with our broader Sustainability offering, we’ll help you implement your decarbonisation roadmap step-by-step.

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