Gaining transparency across your capital project portfolio doesn't need to be difficult. We've designed an intuitive solution for both business leaders and project engineers so everyone benefits.

CAPEXinsights gives you transparency across your portfolio and supports you through the entire project lifecycle. This reduces risk and creates greater investment certainty.

Organisations face many challenges when managing capital projects. Shifting requirements, managing suppliers, keeping on top of risks and progressing through approvals across multiple projects can be difficult.

Beca has leveraged decades of experience in both project delivery and software development to create a highly configurable product that addresses a real gap in the market.

When time is precious, you can get the right information to focus your efforts where the greatest benefits lie.


Benefits to help you succeed

  • Transparency: See all your projects at a glance through our built-in Power BI dashboards.  These reports can be further customised to reveal the insights you seek.
  • Risk management: Risk Triage questions identify common risks early in the lifecycle and allow classification of projects against risk levels. These activities are further supported by an easy to use ISO31000 risk register.
  • Lifecycle guidance: CAPEXinsights allows Project Engineers to classify their projects to determine the relevant lifecycles. Simple projects only require a little amount of work; complex projects require more. More importantly, Project Engineers are given the confidence that they’re following the right process – with templates and guidance for support!
  • Portfolio build: Each year organisations build up their portfolio with capital projects that take will take them towards their strategic objectives. CAPEXinsights supports this process by enabling the prioritisation and approval of portfolios.
  • Cashflow management: CAPEXinsights allows project engineers to build up capital cost estimates and then measure against it through implementation. If required, it can be integrated with your ERP – such as SAP.


Getting started

Getting started with CAPEXinsights is easy. Simply speak to John, Mike or Jeremy to find out more. Or visit our website here.

Our People

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Group Director - Global Markets

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Founder - CAPEXinsights

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