We offer a software solution for your capital project and portfolio management to suit engineers, finance professionals, project teams, portfolio managers and executives.

CAPEXinsights gives you complete, real-time visibility across your capital project portfolio. It supports risk mitigation, project governance, dynamic portfolio building and financial management.

We help you to align your capital project portfolio management with your strategic goals for better ROI, increased profitability, speed to market and growth.

  • United project and portfolio management: Quickly understand and assess the strategic importance of every project from every angle while sustaining overall portfolio performance.
  • Compliance governance: Satisfy your internal and external compliance needs. Conduct control and monitoring activities, all while tracking vital milestones.
  • Financial management: Effortlessly assess all financial information at a project and portfolio level, with cost estimation, cashflow forecasting, and cost analysis.
  • Real time reports and dashboards: Collate, highlight and intuitively present all relevant information needed for fast decision-making. Improve profitability, mitigate risk and re-allocate resources with insights.
  • Risk management: Minimise risk through robust guidelines and complete transparency at every level. Risk classifications, red flag questions, and risk registers for every stage of a project.
  • Sustainability impact assessment: Assess and track the sustainability impact across your capital projects and reach strategic targets.
  • Dynamic portfolio build: Build and review your capital portfolio. Portfolio views dynamically change as projects do, meaning viability is kept in focus, cashflow is managed and resource allocation is easily adjusted.
  • Project lifecycle guidance: Dynamically assess each project’s complexity then build a specific and relevant life cycle supported with a central repository of documents for audit and ease of use.
  • Post-project analysis: Conduct robust post-project reviews, then embed those lessons into the system for compound improvements.

Reach out to Mike or Jeremy to find out more. Or visit CAPEXinsights.com.

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Founder - CAPEXinsights

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