Getting your meat products to market efficiently, hygienically and safely is critical. It’s critical to us, too.

We’ll help you design and implement your cold chain, from processing to distribution, without compromising on safety, speed or animal welfare.

Realising the full potential of your range of meat products takes a combination of technical process and commercial improvements. We help you to achieve those improvements by providing a wide range of services, including meat facility design, planningproject management, logisticsgeotechnical services and process engineering.

Processes can be streamlined through our knowledge and use of the latest technology, to allow fresh meat products to be processed, packed and sorted efficiently at your plant, before it’s delivered to customers.

Professional advice, project costing, implementation strategies and key strategic partnerships with industry specialists all contribute to delivering your project on time, on budget and to your satisfaction.

Our People

David MacDonald

Country Manager - Philippines

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Jorge Martinez

Segment Manager - Food and Beverage

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Phil Card

State Manager - Victoria | General Manager - Industrial Australia

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