At the heart of any industrial facility is the need to operate as safely and efficiently as possible, making the most of your ‘up time’ as well as the essential maintenance tasks during ‘downtime’.

We believe timely decision-making and proactive risk management are the key to unlocking successful project and operational performance.

Our team can help you implement a tailored strategy to address the root causes of any current issues or required improvements whatever industry you sit in, from brewing to power and beyond . But we don’t stop there.

With our specialist skills in process engineering, systems and controls design and testing, we can help you make the incremental improvements you need to keep your plant performing and your people working as safely as possible while they go about their tasks. 

Talk to us about:

  • Health and safety, including safety in design
  • Risk Management
  • Operations and Maintenance Support
  • Shutdown Planning and Management
  • Dynamic Modelling and Optimisation
  • Control Systems Testing
  • Chemical and process engineering
  • Environmental services

Our People

Jorge Martinez

Project Director, Industrial

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Matt Kebbell

Market Director - Global Operations & Maintenance

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Shane Gowan

Sustainable Fuels Lead and General Manager - Industrial

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