Hours, months, even years have gone into carefully crafting your consumer food products. Let us help you make the most of that time by getting them to market, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Maybe you want to reduce your manufacturing costs. Or streamline your supply chain. Perhaps you want to expand your capabilities as a consumer foods producer, or grow your future capacity. We work with clients from multi-national companies to local manufacturers, providing the services (including food engineering, food logistics, project management, buildings, facility design and environmental management) to help with it all.

By using our Integrated Project Team model, we supplement your internal skills with our professional experience and technical expertise to deliver the results you’re after.

To provide a full end-to-end service for you, and to save you the hassle, we work closely with equipment suppliers and sub-contractors. We make sure everyone involved understands any new technology as well as industry-specific consumer foods practice improvements, which they can then apply to your project.

Our People

Jorge Martinez

Project Director, Industrial

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