With 2.2 million domestic passengers using Melbourne Airport in July 2019, many of them passing through Terminal 4 (T4); newly installed travelators will take a lot of leg work out of their long walk to the departure gates.

The T4 Domestic Terminal, first opened in 2015, is a thriving and busy passenger hub, as Australians’ love affair with travel remains undiminished.

One of the challenges passengers have faced however – particularly the elderly and those with mobility issues – is the lengthy walk between the check-in and gate lounges.

To address this persistent issue, Beca partnered with our long-standing client Melbourne Airport, to oversee the installation of travelators in the terminal.

We subsequently led the procurement and overall project management for the $8.4 million upgrade. This included ensuring the travelators were properly integrated with the terminal’s existing building services.

Procurement proved to hold unique challenges, due to the limited width of the concourse and structural capacity of the building. Whilst the depth of most travelator installation pits is 1 metre, we overcame space constraints by opting for a lightweight and low-profile design that could easily recess into the existing structure.

Works were carried out around regular operations to minimise disruptions to passengers, with the travelator units installed via a temporary access opening in a side wall of the terminal.

This upgrade is a welcome addition for passengers, reducing their walking distance by approximately 300 metres and contributing overall to an improved passenger experience for locals and tourists at Melbourne Airport.


$8.4 million

Project budget

300 metres

Walking distance saved



Our Team Says

The T4 Travelator project has been a great opportunity to work closely with Melbourne Airport to deliver a real benefit to its customers. Whilst the project has been challenging due to tight time frames and continuous terminal operations, we have had fun along the way, delivered well and helped make Melbourne Airport an even better place to fly.

Hamish Scott

Manager, AU Advisory Practice

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