Terminal Design

Transforming your airport with world-class terminal design

Airport terminals have entirely individual requirements. We know this because we listen to you before transforming your ideas into creative, functional, high-energy terminal spaces.

Successful terminal design is a foundations-up project. Our clients’ objectives are paramount when we consult with our architects, planners, designers, building services and structural engineers.

We aim to achieve these objectives while maximising the lifetime value of our clients’ investments.

The result integrates the project’s various parts, so everyone involved in the building’s operation and construction understand the client’s aims and can offer input into the design concept. We bring structural and building services solutions that are both innovative and sustainable. 

We also aim to set benchmarks for the materials, systems and system designs we propose for each terminal so our clients get best value for their assets. This involves examining aspects like ease of maintenance, capital and maintenance costs, buildability, productivity, energy, resource efficiency and environmental impact.  

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