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Customised planning to ensure project take off

The path from airport planning to implementation involves big money; it needs expert management and specific knowledge. As all airports are unique, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work – enter our customised construction management services.

Airports are highly visible, high-profile, high-stakes sites. Unless they’re built from scratch, the ongoing development work is complex, with projects progressing while everyday airport operations continue.

This type of setting involves very different stakeholders: project teams, airport personnel and the general public. In some airports, this can involve thousands of people and planes constantly moving in the vicinity of a construction site. These situations need specific risk identification and operational safety smarts, along with experienced project and cost management skills.

Our clients can rely on us to meet these needs – from the concept and planning phases to contract administration and construction, along with airport valuations, insurance and tax valuations, condition surveys and asset management reporting.

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