Grow an exciting business in the growing AgTech industry! Using our expertise in food and beverages, laboratories and cleanrooms, smart buildings and sustainability consulting, we’ll help you make everyday better in the world of new foods.

From precision indoor farming, cell-cultured meat, to alternative plant-based proteins like vegan eggs and mycelium; the world of new foods and the technologies required to make it happen are evolving as we speak.

However, the fundamentals don’t change – the environments that nurture indoor food production require sophisticated climate control systems, cleanrooms and a deep knowledge of how food is made, processed and distributed on a global scale.

Whether you’d like to set up a precision-controlled indoor farm to grow exotic crops year-round regardless of climate, or cultivate plant-based proteins to serve growing consumer demand; we’ll bring our trusted expertise in project development, engineering and delivery to make it happen!

We can also make everyday better through our wider food and beverage industry experience which extends across brewing, consumer foods, dairy to meat processing.

This is in addition to our extensive experience in sustainability consulting and super low energy design principles, all of which underpin a successful, low cost, energy efficient AgTech operation.

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Hamish McCook

Segment Manager - Food and Beverage

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