It’s not just about meeting Code requirements. It’s about peace of mind, about protecting people and assets – and about clever technology solutions for increasingly smart buildings and structures.

Fire engineering design is not the kind of thing our clients leave to chance. Like us, they understand it needs a specialised engineering focus. 

We use advanced technology that helps to realise the architectural vision for your building or structure, while maintaining life safety and the performance of your property protection systems.

And don’t expect a dry report. Our team produces designs and models to demonstrate how your building, tunnel or structure will behave in a fire and then clearly communicates the fire engineering requirements to the project team.

We operate where you are. Our international fire engineering team understands the requirements for buildings across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Across all these markets, we focus on innovative designs for client satisfaction as well as Code compliance.

Our People

Ben Hume

Group Leader - Fire Engineering

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Greg North

Technical Director - Fire Engineering

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Hamish Denize

Technical Director - Fire

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