Harness the power of technology with Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Enhance the value of spatial information to visualise and understand your project and assist with investment decisions and operational needs.

When undertaking a project, you’ll want to have a deep understanding of the area you’re dealing with. GIS technology captures, analyses and presents information so you can gain those valuable insights. 

Combined with the experience and knowledge of our geospatial consultants, GIS also helps with investment decisions, spanning due diligence, master planning, concept design and risk management. 

If you require support for your ongoing operational needs, we can help with that, too. Our data, systems and consulting services enable you to respond quickly to business needs so you can reduce risk and improve performance. This includes managing central data repositories and streamlining the information flows throughout your asset life-cycle. 

We combine our GIS services with our software integration teams to build you a specialised solution that harnesses the value of location-based information.

Our People

Alex Fullerton

Principal - GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

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Henry Carthew

Senior Associate - GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

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Josie Hawkey

Senior GIS Spatial Analyst

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Development Planning

Integration of GIS in-field assessment tools with development concepts delivers a powerful experience for designers and stakeholders.

GIS Infrastructure Twin

Amalgamation of horizontal infrastructure assets into specialised applications to simulate scenarios and support investment decisions.

Spatial Analytics

Problem-solving using location-based data is highly effective for assessing geographic suitability, predicting outcomes and interpreting trends.

Asset Management

Merging graphical interfaces with in-field assessment tools provides the ability to visualise asset performance and make more informed decisions.

What We've Done