Auckland Motorway Alliance

Driving safer, quicker and more reliable motorway journeys

Auckland motorway users want reliable, delay-free journeys. The Auckland Motorway Alliance helped deliver this and more, thanks to a focus on innovation and cost-effectiveness.

Auckland’s busy 230km motorway network carries over 8 percent of New Zealand’s entire traffic every day, and is vital in supporting Auckland’s social and economic growth. Traditionally, the maintenance and operation of the network was provided through 60 separate contracts. The NZ Transport Agency established the Auckland Motorway Alliance (AMA) to bring responsibility for maintenance and operations into one organisation.

The AMA focused on safe, innovative, and long-lasting solutions that would improve and maintain the existing network - and also keep motorway users moving. We provided core engineering services plus implemented leading asset management practice and a Lean approach to its operation. Thanks to this, although the AMA team stayed the same size, it was able to take on an increasingly longer and more sophisticated motorway. The AMA’s work meant that the NZ Transport Agency got a network that works well and lasts. While motorway users get more reliable journey times with less delays.

A great example of one of our innovative solutions is our bridge strike strategy. It reduces strikes on bridges from over-height loads thanks to a simple, A4-size measuring device. There’s been a 75 percent reduction in strikes since its launch, meaning a huge reduction in travel delays for motorway users.

Following our work on the Auckland Motorway Alliance, we are now moving into the new Auckland System Maintenance Management Alliance, for ongoing maintenance of the network over the coming years.


  • Roading New Zealand Excellence Awards - Supreme Award & Best Practice Award for Asset Management, 2012
  • Alliancing Association Australasia – Long Term Alliancing Team of Excellence Award, 2012
  • Hirepool Construction Excellence Awards – Excellence in the maintenance and management of assets, 2016 
  • 3M Traffic Safety Innovation Award / IPENZ Transportation Group Conference, 2017 
  • Traffic Safety Innovation Award / Engineering NZ Transportation Group Conference, 2018 


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