With trusted industry partners on board to help look after their assets, infrastructure, processes and systems, Defence organisations can focus on the most important bits - securing and protecting the citizens in their care.

As the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces revitalise the way they procure, streamline, operate and maintain their business units, long standing industry partners like Beca have been able to play a key role.

With the Australian and New Zealand Navy, Airforce and Army facing increasing digitisation and replacement of key equipment, we have been able to provide expertise in capability analysis and strategies for acquisition and sustainment of assets, as well as in technology and infrastructure for systems training environments.

Recently we have developed and managed a number of reform initiatives, such as our work in Seaworthiness for the Royal Australian Navy. This has helped provide confidence in operational effectiveness and to facilitate significant changes in the way Fleet Command operates.

Talk to us about:

  • Property and infrastructure services
  • Logistics and business advisory
  • Technology (software, systems and simulation)

Read more on our Defence capabilities here.

Beca is celebrating 100 years and the start of our second century with a series of conversations with our clients about their next century. Hear from Air Marshal Kevin Short, Chief of NZ Defence Force.

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Market Segment Leader - Defence NZ

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Market Segment Leader - Defence AU

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General Manager - Defence & National Security

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