The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) operates a large fleet of over 50 Defence Elements (DE) including ships, boats and aircraft.

Since 2014, we have been involved in delivering SRAF management services to keep this vital part of the Defence Force in great operational shape. In the latest engagement, through our longstanding partnership with the Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet Seaworthiness Directorate (FSwD), we're delivering Sea Release Assurance Framework (SRAF) management services. 

The plans contained within the SRAF describe a full range of assurance activities and evidence required for Navy DE to demonstrate the required level of readiness and capability to achieve their mission in the years ahead.

We continue to deliver these services by leveraging the best of our asset management capability network and professional services experience. The SRAF is helping to give Force Commanders the confidence to justify decisions at key points in time through the conduct of Sea Release Boards (SRB).

Our strong history of delivering capability in partnership will help prepare FSwD for the challenges that lie ahead and provide them with the necessary support from our exceptional Beca professional services team.

We are partnering with the RAN to ensure they can deploy its vessels with a welcome degree of flexibility and confidence.

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Beca co-authored the SRAF concept with FSwD in 2014. Our continued partnership has produced an ever-evolving assurance cell that is respected across Fleet and delivers the outcomes that the Navy needs.

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