NZDF is introducing into service a Very Shallow Water Rebreather diving system. Beca provided independent expertise and advice to enable personnel to have confidence in their new diving equipment and associated management and maintenance systems.

We took a whole of system approach to investigate the management of equipment through introduction into service, storage, issue for use, diving operations, maintenance and return to store. This enabled us to map each step in the equipment lifecycle and identify appropriate controls. The investigation led to the creation of a management system and tool to ensure only certified serviceable equipment was issued and defective equipment was quarantined from operational equipment. We also reviewed the diving maintenance standards to ensure international best practice guidelines and standards are applied to the NZDF Diving Systems.

As a result of our review and system implementation, RNZN divers can now be confident their diving equipment is adequately maintained and certified for use by known and approved asset maintenance staff, and leadership have the assurance that these new diving systems continue to be ‘safe to operate, and are operated safely’.


  • 2018 New Zealand Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry: Health and Safety Citation for the strongest overall demonstration of excellence in health and safety carried out by an organisation supplying to Defence


Diving systems reviewed


Stakeholder groups engaged


to operate and operated safely

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Our team are at their best when working as part of a collaborative team with the client to realise meaningful and value adding outcomes. Defence clients create this environment with us.

Andrew Ford

Principal Business and Technology Services

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Beca delivered to the Project a complex solution, work-shopped through several engagements with disparate stakeholders over a very short period of time. Overall, a very good job.

Paul Venier - IPT Project Manager, Ministry of Defence

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