The Royal Australian Navy assets extend beyond its ships and aircraft. It is just as essential to operational efficiency to maintain shore-based maritime structures, including wharves and ship lifts.

To help RAN develop an assurance system for their critical maritime assets, the Beca team provided embedded support. 

As the first trial project for a seaworthiness assessment of maritime structures, we adapted a missions’ system assessment Submission Requirements Set (SRS) to an assessment more suitable for shore-based infrastructure. This revised SRS is tailored to the upkeep and maintenance of critical assets, meeting RAN’s unique needs.

We also needed to make sure our client could continue to gain benefits in the long term, so we developed tools RAN could use themselves. This included an asset register and framework for critical maritime assets as well as a software tool. It defines RAN’s infrastructure requirements for the Coonawarra waterfront MSS and forms the basis of an ongoing asset management plan.

To support the delivery of a lasting infrastructure Defence Seaworthiness Board (DSwB) programme, our team also developed orders, instructions and infrastructure management policy and procedures.


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