Working with Boeing, Beca, along with partners Airbus and Marops, delivered technology capability to the NZDF and RNZAF including an upgraded, integrated Under Water Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance system on the P-3K2 Orion fleet.

Beca’s role was to act as an integrator between Boeing, Marops and existing RNZAF systems.  The client was able to draw on Beca’s significant mission system expertise and understanding of the customers’ operational context to support Boeing in their delivery to the Ministry of Defence. Beca consistently lead the teams in tackling technical challenges; bringing together technical expertise from all parties; facilitating and delivering innovative solutions to problems.

The Beca team were responsible for developing the software changes to the existing P-3 Data Management System (DMS). While the software changes were developed for UWISR, Beca were also developing other changes for the RNZAF. Beca’s software processes allowed the two sets of software changes to be merged without significant re-testing. They have also been able to implement software fault rectification as part of the RNZAF software build, therefore removing duplication of software testing and certification that would have added extra time to the project while providing no significant benefit.

The upgrade brings world leading UWISR capability to the RNZAF P3-K2 Orion, and bridges a significant gap in capability until delivery of the P-8 Poseidon in 2022. This project has been an opportunity realised. Beca have exhibited to our key client, the New Zealand Defence Force, a cohesive delivery of high assurance systems and software engineering while working with a large international defence Prime Contractor in capability development. This builds further on Beca’s strategic relationship with NZDF and contributes towards our position as a trusted partner.


  • 2018 New Zealand Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry: Category 3 Award for the provision of a product or service to Defence in excess of $15m


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Our team says

The project was about becoming an integrated team and breaking down the geographical and organisational boundaries. A strong trust relationship was built and underpinned collaboration throughout the project. This allowed us to find innovative solutions to some highly complex problems and deliver a world leading ASW capability to the RNZAF.

Jeremy Wright

Senior Associate - Technology Services

Our client says

A one team approach and combined technical expertise was key. Beca’s technical leadership, 'find a way' attitude, and domain expertise were critical to the success of the program. Their onsite presence and knowledge of the legacy system and processes were key to meeting the needs of NZDF.

Robert Bergeron

Boeing UWISR Programme Manager

Our People

Chris Ford

Technical Director - Systems Engineering

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Group Director - Defence & National Security

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