With the New Zealand Defence Force Board and Executives having approved the 2025 Strategy in March 2017, the direction was to accelerate implementation of the strategy - with a tight three month deadline to develop deliverables for implementation.

There was a clear and critical requirement that the strategy and associated artefacts were refined and developed to support and enable the NZDF’s business planning and investment activities over the medium term, including the development of the organisations next four year plan.

NZDF sought support from their contractor panel to accelerate the strategy development. Beca and PwC were identified as offering notable ‘innovation’ in certain areas. Both also presented strengths and confidence of delivery. With these strong capabilities NZDF asked both parties to collaborate together with NZDF staff to deliver the strategy documents.

Specifically, Beca was identified as having significant strength in understanding the NZDF organisational landscape (strategic through tactical) and methodologies for quickly and effectively capturing the current state, undertaking gap analysis and providing pragmatic recommendations on additional strategic initiatives.

They also indicated a good understanding of NZDFs approach to benefit based outcomes, thus enabling ease of integration into the strategic roadmap. Also, while the glossary of terms was an agreed three party (NZDF/ Beca/PwC) joint responsibility, Beca leveraged its strong knowledge of the NZDF and facilitated a ready agreement around the taxonomy to be used. 


  • 2018 New Zealand Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry: Category 1 Award for the provision of a Service to Defence less than $15m

40+ years

Beca working with NZDF

3 months

to develop long term strategy


Stakeholders consulted

Our team says

A challenging engagement in a more challenging timeframe, that demonstrated the benefits of true commercial and client collaboration to achieve the outcomes on time and on budget.

Andrew Ford

Principal Business and Technology Services

Our client says

Regards ‘gain-gain’ perhaps the strongest deliverable, is that the very nature of NZDF, Beca and PwC working together, almost seamlessly in our integration, was an example and harbinger of the 2025 strategy that will see the implementation of an Integrated Defence Force.

Simon Gooch

Director, Performance Management , NZDF

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