Our professional and experienced team can help you identify and obtain any approvals your project requires, and work with you to develop a suitable strategy for assessing the impacts, managing risk and meeting your obligations.

Our planners and environmental practitioners are highly skilled and experienced at identifying and assessing effects, undertaking environmental and social impact assessments, and working with clients to plan and implement strategies to successfully acquire the necessary approvals. With an intimate understanding of the legislation and processes involved, approvals are approached strategically. The whole project is considered and risks are managed.

We take a constructive approach, working with clients to engage and consult with stakeholders and communities; understanding the environmental, social and economic impacts of the project so that issues are identified, assessed and where necessary addressed in the approvals documentation.

As an added benefit, our strong relationships with approval authorities and intimate understanding of their requirements, provides a well-managed journey through the approvals process. With every project there are challenges along the way but in our hands we can guide and advise you on how best to achieve your objectives, manage the risks and pitfalls, as well as identify any opportunities.

If you are unsure about what approvals your project requires or how to go about getting them, we can help.

Our People

Bryce Julyan

Environments Practice Lead

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Cushla Loomb

Beca Technical Fellow and Business Director – Climate Risk and Adaptation

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Lesley Hopkins

Technical Director - Planning

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