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Shaping communities by connecting projects with people

When it comes to communications and engagement, we work with you to get it right – creating solid relationships, identifying related opportunities and benefits, and helping you to really connect with your communities and stakeholders.

At the heart of a successful project is clear communication and compelling engagement. And our 20+ IAP2 certified engagement professionals are there to help, providing best practice engagement principals and customising each engagement approach, to enable project stakeholders to understand the key decisions being made and any potential challenges. 

By recognising opportunities and risks early, we’re able to develop related strategies that can help raise your profile and reputation for years to come. Establishing a place for stakeholders in strategic decisions and the change process is something we believe in. 

Our partnership approach enables you to develop strategic relationships with government departments, Manawhenua, local interest organisations and actively maintain these relationships. 

Contact us to find out about:

  • Strategic project communications and planning
  • Facilitating relationships with partners and key stakeholders
  • Community consultation design and implementation
  • Engagement for Notices of Requirement (NoR) and the resource consenting processes
  • Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) stakeholder consultancy 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) engagement solutions

For more information about our work in artificial intelligence, and it's potential to revolutionise the way that you connect and engage with your communities, visit our engagement page.

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