As Sydney’s northwest suburbs get busier we need our roads to get bigger, but how do we keep our motorists, cyclists and pedestrians safe?

What was once an almost rural part of Sydney’s northwest is now well and truly suburban. As the two lanes of Memorial Avenue struggle to accommodate the rush hour commuters, pedestrians and cyclists take to the road at their peril. With no sign of residential and commercial development slowing down in the area it is time to take action before gridlock sets in.

Memorial Avenue is getting an upgrade. For 2.2km between Windsor Road and Old Windsor Road, two lanes will become four with a central median separating traffic; culverts are being replaced with bridges; intersections and traffic lights improved, and dedicated shared paths either side of the highway for cyclists and pedestrians. Landscaping completes the transformation.

We’re collaborating with Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to make this happen. We listened to the feedback, studied the options, looked at the risks, and delivered a design that is focused on safety and constructability. We also supported the RMS team in getting the funding approved.

Everyone is excited to see the changes ahead. Motorists can look forward to reaching their destination without delay, and pedestrians and cyclists will feel safe enough to look up from the bitumen and admire the views.


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