As Sydney’s northwest suburbs get busier, we need our roads to get bigger. But how do we keep our motorists, cyclists and pedestrians safe? By great design sensitive to all users, not just vehicles and creating a more liveable environment.

What was once an almost rural part of Sydney’s northwest is now well and truly suburban. As the two lanes of Memorial Avenue struggled to accommodate over 30,000 vehicles per day, pedestrians and cyclists took to the road at their own peril. With no sign of residential and commercial development slowing down in the area, it was time to take action before gridlock set in.

That’s why Memorial Avenue is getting an upgrade! For 2.2km between Windsor Road and Old Windsor Road in Kellyville, two lanes will become four with a central median separating traffic and provision for future capacity growth.

But it’s not all about vehicles. Shared path arrangements will cater for more diverse forms of cycling and scooter traffic, including electric scooters, as well as improving the pedestrian experience.

Culverts will be replaced with bridges, intersections and traffic lights will be improved, and dedicated shared paths on either side of the road for cyclists and pedestrians will be added. Beautiful urban landscaping will complete this transformation.

We’re collaborating with Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) to make this happen. We’ve listened to community feedback, studied the design options, looked at the risks, and delivered a design that is focused on safety and constructability. We’ve also supported the TfNSW team in getting the necessary state government funding approved.

Everyone is excited to see the changes ahead, with construction underway from early 2021 and completion due in late 2023. Motorists can look forward to reaching their destination without delay, whilst pedestrians and cyclists will feel safe enough to look up from the bitumen and admire the views, thanks to proper separation from vehicles.

Provisions have also been made to add a third lane in each direction, giving residents of this fast-growing corridor in Sydney a truly future proofed transport link with their wider city!

Image credit: TfNSW, 2020


Urban arterial upgrade


New lanes (one each direction)


Shared pathways

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