What is going on in your business? What data do you need to support your investment decisions?

At Beca, we love crunching the numbers. We not only ferret out and capture all the available facts, we use the information to highlight gaps and weaknesses and structure solutions that can help you bridge them and stand out from the competition. 

We are experienced in pioneering the use of technology to capture data and turn it into insight. Our modelling tools cover a wide range of subjects from how a bottle of your favourite brew moves through a supply chain to how massive crowds of people would make their way through checkpoints around an Olympic stadium.  

Our team can demonstrate how anything from small tweaks to large new projects could impact the performance of your network, business or operation. 

Come and talk to us about all the ways we can create and use valuable insights to transform your world.

  • Data capture
  • Data analytics
  • Simulation and modelling
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Market research 

Our People

Stephen Witherden

Technical Director - Software Engineering

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