A need to upgrade its sewerage system and wastewater treatment plants, combined with rising environmental standards and expectations regarding wastewater, lead Timaru District Council on a 17 year journey with Beca to transform its wastewater system.

Almost 20 years ago, we partnered with Timaru District Council to develop a master planning and consenting strategy which has served as a clear "road map" for the district. Council needed a solution that would meet ocean and river discharge standards, was sustainable and cost effective, and replaced the existing aged pump stations and pipelines. And we partnered with them to make it happen.

Our recommendations included:

  • upgrading the Geraldine, Pleasant Point and Temuka treatment plants
  • eliminating discharges to the Opihi River by piping treated wastewater from these towns to the existing ocean outfall
  • separating domestic and industrial flows to the Timaru treatment plant
  • replacing a network of pump stations and trunk sewers in Timaru with gravity sewers; and 
  • upgrading wastewater treatment of the domestic flows at the Timaru plant.

The strategy was implemented over a period of approximately 15 years, including obtaining all the necessary consents for the treatment plants and ocean outfall.

Through wide stakeholder engagement with the communities of Timaru, Geraldine, Pleasant Point and Temuka, we were able to create a cost-effective, sustainable solution with outstanding client and community buy-in and satisfaction.


  • ACENZ Innovate Awards 2016 – Silver Award of Excellence
  • IPWEA NZ Award 2016 – Excellence in Strategic Planning
  • IPWEA Australasian Excellence Awards 2017 – Water Category (win)

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Total population serviced


Year project span


Main urban areas included

Domestic Pump Station and pipework.
Industrial and domestic sewers, Benvenue Tunnel.
Number 1A pond, inlet structure and aerators.
Peak flow pump station and level control chamber.
Tunelling Richardson St Tunnel.
Wetland Pond and Tanker reception.
Domestic Pump Station and pipework.

Our team says

The formulation of the strategy in 1998 and its successful implementation was mainly due to recommendations proposed by Beca and adoption by Council of practical solutions, and their delivery within budget and programme allowances. Consultation with all the stakeholders required a significant effort and is a model for other Councils to follow.

Humphrey Archer

Senior Technical Director, Environmental Engineering

Our client says

The development of the strategy and the timely completion of the work programme has been achieved with the very professional assistance and inputs of Beca. The Timaru District Council is now the proud owner of a modern wastewater treatment and disposal system.

Ashley Harper

Group Manager District Services, Timaru District Council

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Senior Technical Director - Environmental Engineering

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