If you’re embarking on a water and wastewater treatment design process, make it seamless and straightforward by allowing our water experts to handle it all. That’s everything from definition studies through to process selection and evaluation.

Many of the challenges faced by the water industry revolve around efficiency – energy and financial – and process performance. Water and wastewater managers increasingly ask how to manage their facilities more sustainably and recover valuable resources from our liquid and solid wastes. That’s why we focus on identifying ways to upgrade treatment plants’ capacity, extend their lives and operate more efficiently.

With experience of most of New Zealand’s major municipal wastewater treatment projects under our belts, as well as many treatment plants across Australasia, we can advise on a wide range of solutions. From master planning for wastewater projects to allow for growth and good service levels to advising on the use of sustainable biogas for power generation and heating.

For the benefit of your day-to-day operation and for operator training, we have a computer simulation service. This also allows you to take advantage of upgrade options to optimise your plant efficiency and performance.

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Nicholas Berry

Technical Director - Waste Water Engineering

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Philip la Roche

Technical Director - Water Engineering

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