Travelling to work for thousands of Melbournians has been greatly improved by removing the Springvale level crossing and building a new premium station.

The Springvale level crossing had become a daily chore for the many thousands of Melbournians heading into the CBD each day. One of the busiest crossings in the city, it regularly caused excessive bottlenecks and delays for road users, created safety hazards for pedestrians who attempted to beat the rail barriers, and it also divided the local community across the rail precinct.

The answer was a grade separated crossing, which meant removing the level crossing completely and lowering the railway line to below ground level for a distance of 1.5km.

Working in a live rail corridor and busy road network required careful planning and collaboration to minimise disruption to transport users and complete the construction as quickly and as safely as possible. We were part of a tight-knit Project Alliance team of engineers, contractor and local transport organisations providing a range of multi-discipline design and support services.

Train commuters weren’t forgotten either. A brand new station, improved car parking facilities, an integrated bus interchange and taxi pick-up, pedestrian and bicycle paths and better drop-off points were included as part of the project. Improved travel times and greater safety around the station precinct means their daily journeys have never been easier.

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