Working in partnership with Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW), Beca have strengthened and rehabilitated Dubbo’s LH Ford Bridge - a vital road link in this bustling region of Western NSW, without disrupting locals or resorting to a new build.
Constructed in 1969 and spanning 800 metres across the Macquarie River, the LH Ford Bridge connects east and west Dubbo – one of the fastest growing regional cities in New South Wales.

Given Dubbo’s fast-growing population and the heavy use of LH Ford Bridge as a vital link between the state’s vast west and metropolitan Sydney, Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) commissioned Beca to carry out a detailed study to assess its structural integrity.

Our analysis found strengthening works were required on the three-span, cantilever box girder structure – to ensure the bridge was fit for decades of future use.

Harnessing our knowledge of Structural Engineering for Transport & Infrastructure projects, we developed a detailed design to guide the upgrade of the bridge, which included:
  • Adding two new piers under the existing drop in the span half joints.
  • Strengthening the existing cross girder at the half joint.
  • Strengthening the main drop in span and back spans, utilising external pre-stressing strands.
  • Designing a specific bearing and jacking sequence for the bridge (from the new piers), to ensure specific load distribution is achieved between the drop in span and back spans.
  • Adding new expansion joints and enhancements to the existing access hatches, to facilitate maintenance access within the box girders.
  • Resurfacing to remove the existing sag of the drop in span.
This complex bridge rehabilitation project is now complete. Dubbo residents and visitors - and the countless vehicles that pass through this bustling regional centre every day - can rest assured their vital link to the rest of the state will remain strong well into the future. By upgrading the existing structure rather than tearing down and rebuilding, we’ve also scored an important win for sustainability!

Image Credit: Wikipedia, 2020


Bridge first built


Bridge length


Span cantilevered structure

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Business Director - Transport (NSW)

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Technical Director - Structural Engineering

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