The Northern Club, Auckland

Upgrading an Auckland institution

Guests at one of Auckland’s oldest institutions, are enjoying its contemporary new extension, that brings the best of the city’s mild climate indoors!

Located at 19 Princes Street Auckland, the 150-year old heritage building that houses The Northern Club has undergone major refurbishments and upgrades, in step with modern design and engineering.

For the highly detailed bankside extension of this local institution, Beca provided all engineering services, including planning, traffic and geotechnical expertise and structural engineering, which was conducted within the tight footprint of the club’s existing lower level open air carpark.

Other challenges for our engineering teams included aligning the exposed, minimalist architectural design with the building’s heritage classification, putting constraints on any works that might affect its outward appearance.

This influenced our design and engineering approach of seeking big open spaces for maximum viewing and entertainment. To deliver on that vision, reinforced concrete columns were widely spaced with long span transfer beams, where columns were discontinuous over the vertical dimension. Services were also routed and hidden to avoid the open and exposed ceiling spaces. 

Completed elements include retaining a portion of the lower level ground carpark, port cochere with drop-off zone, bathrooms, bistro bar and lounge, outdoor courtyard and lawn area as well as open garden terrace.

The result is a stunning, high-end space for The Northern Club that is in keeping with its prestigious position as a ‘vibrant hub for busy professionals’!

$12 million

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Year project timeframe


Year old heritage building

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