Singapore's Raffles Hotel, one of the world's most famous hotels, has undergone an extensive redevelopment to adapt to the changing needs of international travellers and locals alike, whilst maintaining the essence of its celebrated character.

First opened in 1887, the Raffles Hotel has built an enduring reputation for delivering the highest standards in hospitality, making it a popular destination with a discerning clientele that continues to this day. Throughout its 130+ year life, the hotel has sought to provide its guests with the very best in luxury accommodation. In fact, it was the first hotel in the region to have electric lights.

When the hotel's owners, Katara Hospitality, decided to modernise the establishment, they called on us. The redevelopment required a lot of creative engineering and careful treatment of the physical structure to enable the latest in technology, while maintaining the hotel’s 19th century charm.

Extensive upgrades were made to the building services systems and the interiors of the public areas and hotel rooms. Comprehensive condition assessment work was done to establish the health and remaining life of existing systems.

To help with future decision making about the maintenance and operation of the hotel, a tool was created that showed the systems requiring immediate replacement, against those which could be progressively addressed over the next decade.

Raffles Hotel now meets the modern needs of its guests, while retaining its traditional appearance and ability to transport them to an era of earlier glamour.


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Courtyard of refurbished Raffles Hotel, an icon of Singapore.
Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles in the courtyard of the iconic Raffles Hotel, Singapore.
Grand lobby of refurbished Raffles Hotel, Singapore.
Triffin Room - the main dining space in the refurbished Raffles Hotel, Singapore.
Sitting area in Residence suite at refurbished Raffles Hotel, Singapore.
Courtyard of refurbished Raffles Hotel, an icon of Singapore.

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