In Wingecarribee Shire, we’re enhancing sewage capacity and quality with innovative design and technology upgrades.

Teaming up with the Wingecarribee Shire Council, we're helping transform the hub of sewage treatment in Bowral, Moss Vale, and Mittagong. Our mission? To extend beyond the capacity expansion of facilities, aiming to support the community’s development and safeguard our waterways. The challenge was clear: accommodate booming population demands while meeting Water NSW's strict effluent standards, a true test of our resolve and resourcefulness.

We responded with precision, reimagining sewage treatment processes through advanced design techniques. Our solution incorporated a shift towards continuous activated sludge and dual media filtration technologies, setting a new benchmark in effluent quality. By implementing these technologies, we aligned with the council's vision for uniformity across facilities, enabling not just compliance but also operational efficiency and long-term sustainability. 

This journey is a testament to the power of collaborative innovation, marrying the council's local insights with our technical prowess. As we progress from the idea to reality, our shared vision is expected to come to life in 2027: a Wingecarribee Shire resilient in the face of growth, where community well-being and environmental integrity move forward, hand in hand. Through smart design and strategic partnerships, we're not just solving today's challenges; we're engineering a legacy for generations to come. 

Michael Collins and Emily Hyde discuss the Wingecarribee Water project.
Michael Collins and Emily Hyde discuss the Wingecarribee Water project.

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Process Engineer

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Principal Process Engineer

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