Clean water on tap is essential - and it begins with successfully integrating all of its key components: water source, treatment and delivery. Our water resources management team can help you realise your water supply project from end to end.

Whether you’re working on a new water supply project or a strategy study, we can help. Working closely with our engineers and advisory teams, we can deliver fully integrated solutions for you.

Meeting both environmental and public water needs is a delicate balance and one that we always strive to meet. We do this by understanding and accommodating all the issues around assessments of water supply sources (such as allowing for climate change and the increased focus on river protection).

The data you have for modelling may be limited. This isn’t a problem for us as we use tools and technology to create flow data, even when data for a potential water source isn’t available.

Our People

Graham Levy

Senior Technical Director - Water Resources

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Jonathon Reed

Operations Manager - Water

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Matt Bismark

Project Director - Water

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