Beca HunterH2O and Liverpool Plains Shire Council partner to improve water security for vibrant communities in Werris Creek and North Quirindi.

The Quipolly Water Project is more than pipes and pumps. It is a testament to the power of community and collaboration.

Led by Beca HunterH2O local Nick Andrews, this initiative aspires to provide the residents of Quirindi and Werris Creek with a reliable and clean water supply. Liverpool Plains Shire Council, working together with Beca HunterH2O, Gongues Constructions and GHD, have been project managing, designing, constructing and testing this critical project designed to treat up to 6 million litres of water to modern standards and distribution to Werris Creek, Quirindi, Willow Tree and the surrounding areas. The improvement to resilience of the supply aims to provide health and economic benefits to these regional communities.

The project is about helping to create a sustainable, thriving and resilient future for the local community. The community's spirit, encapsulated in evenings at the local pub discussing the day's work, has been the heartbeat of progress.

As the project nears completion, we celebrate each step that brings us closer to turning this vision into reality. The Quipolly Water Project shows what can be achieved when community ambition is matched with Beca HunterH2O's commitment to making incredible happen.



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Our People

Nick Andrews

Senior Project Manager & Civil Engineer