Beca designed a single integrated building management system (IiBMS) to connect over 50 buildings on Nanyang Technological University’s sprawling campus, driving improved efficiency and sustainability gains!

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore campus comprises dozens of academic, administration and residence buildings spread across 200 Hectares.

Previously, these buildings had their own individual BMS (building management systems) managed by different platforms and with varying levels of meter and sensor use. This setup made it time consuming for the facilities management team to collate a consistent set of data from the buildings and finetune for optimal operations.

That’s where Beca entered the picture, designing an integrated building management system (iBMS) which connects over 50 buildings on campus into a central platform.

By gathering real time data in a consistent format from each building, the facilities team can now analyse the performance of each property on a single platform and compare it against a set of standard KPIs.

Similar buildings can be benchmarked against each other and variances in system performance explored, so the entire estate performance is optimised. The platform also analyses data using a series of logical rules, to automatically highlight building sub-systems requiring attention.

This project also included a major upgrade to the campus’s data network - by integrating over 270,000 data points into the iBMS network. After all, good data leads to good decisions!

NTU is passionate about environmental sustainability and is the first recipient of the GreenMark Platinum Star Champion award, by being the owner of more than 50 GreenMark Platinum buildings.

To finish this project, we deployed more than 2,300 digital power meters to provide NTU with a highly detailed power utilisation picture that allows them to continuously understand and improve their energy efficiency – making them a data driven campus of the future!


Image credit: Nanyang Technological University


Digital power meters


Individual data points


Buildings interconnected

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