At the heart of running any plant is the need for safety and efficiency, making the most of your ‘up time’, as well as essential maintenance tasks during your ‘downtime’.

Through timely decision-making and proactive risk management, our approach to shutdown management will help you save time and money.

Maintenance shutdowns are an inevitable requirement for any plant that runs 24/7 operations. But all too often, they run days, and sometimes weeks, over schedule – costing millions of dollars in lost productivity.

Our team is highly experienced in the development and execution of plant-wide shutdowns, experience gained through delivering shutdowns across many industries and often in very remote and challenging environments.  

We work with your key operations and maintenance personnel to develop a shutdown charter, define a work list, and identify the risks and opportunities, to form a baseline budget and schedule.

We continue working with your teams, often in an integrated environment, to develop the planning, procurement, preparations and executions phase of the shutdown, with a focus on plant ramp down and ramp up activities to effectively maximise available time.

By using our cloud-based Shutdown Management System – which we step you through in the video below –your people and the engaged contractors can access all the required information to facilitate a successful shutdown.


Some of its practical features include:

  • Customisable dashboard – so you only see information specific to your shutdown
  • Jobs tab – where you can plan the details of each job to generate work packs for contractors;
  • System setup – to guide you through all elements required to ensure a complete, comprehensive work pack
  • Milestone tracking – to ensure you stay on track; and
  • Company risk matrix – to help you prioritise jobs
  • Daily cost and progress reporting.

This proactive, data-driven approach to planning, resourcing, scheduling and risk management helps to keep shutdown time and costs to a minimum, reducing further planning efforts for subsequent shutdowns.

Our People

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Principal - Minerals and Metals

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Senior Technical Director - Mechanical Engineering

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Market Director - Global Operations & Maintenance

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