Developing sustainable solutions

If your project needs to comply with increasingly strict environmental requirements, you can make sure it does with creative hydrogeology design solutions.

Hydrogeology isn't just ground and surface water. It's about developing sustainable solutions that support our communities and a healthy environment.

If you need to thoroughly assess a project site, we can help. From identifying, investigating and developing groundwater resources for water supply, right through to monitoring the effects of changes in groundwater level and quality on the environment. From developing mitigation strategies and design solutions for tunnels and excavations, to the design of pond and landfill liners.

Talk to us about:

  • Assessment for wastewater land application
  • Evaluating, mapping, modelling and monitoring the effects of construction on groundwater and surface water flow
  • Determining inflows, outflows and uplift pressures beneath and behind structures
  • Mitigation strategies and design solutions
  • Groundwater well development for drinking water, heating and cooling

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