Transformative outcomes begin with a visionary plan. We help our client communities to define their vision and strategy, and then plan the guidelines, objectives and actions to help make it happen.

We have worked on growth and management strategies and policy planning for all levels of government and all types of communities. One day we could be defining a coastal management policy and the next we could be assisting with tourism strategy planning for a business client, or masterplanning for a growing industrial one.

Our planning team and strategy leaders are strong facilitators, which is a vital skill to give structure and focus to building an understanding of where our clients are in their journey, or what policies and guidelines need to be developed. We ask the key process questions - 'where are we now?', 'where do we want to be?' and 'how will we get there?'

But we don’t stop there. Our strong focus on project delivery means we can set out realistic and achievable implementation programmes for our clients – and help them get there

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Amelia Linzey

Group Chief Executive

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