TfNSW are upgrading rolling stock on Sydney’s railway network and adding new services to their timetable. Beca played a big part in powering these vital upgrades, by supporting construction of multiple new AC and DC feeders across their network.
To make this happen, we formed a genuinely “one team” approach with TfNSW to avoid duplication of roles and allow a much higher degree of efficiency, whilst still respecting their assurance process and approvals. This included developing proactive relationships with the key Sydney Trains stakeholders.

We conducted in-corridor site investigations as the Principal Contractor with a blended TfNSW and Beca team and successfully completed two major weekend rail corridor possessions without incident.

This approach allowed us to achieve an ambitious design delivery schedule, as design issues were resolved expeditiously. We achieved this by sensible packaging of like Feeders together and shortening design periods by integrating approvers early into the process.

With the first of these new 1,500 volt DC feeders now up and running, and the remainder not too far away from completion, Sydney’s commuters will soon enjoy their city’s next generation trains and additional services, helping them get from A to B with greater ease.

Likewise, the quality of our designs has been praised by TfNSW, as well as our excellent commercial performance and openness. This has led to further commissions beyond the original 2019 scope for additional AC and DC Feeder concept designs, to allow TfNSW to get ahead on their program delivery!


New 1,500V DC Feeders


33Kv Aerial Feeders


New concepts commissioned

Our Client Says

Beca have consistently been providing a high-quality service and their co-operation with TfNSW as well as delivery partners/Sydney Trains is excellent. It has been a very satisfying experience managing the Beca PSC (Professional Services Contract).

Ganesh Prasad Salagame


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