We’re helping to give Melbourne uninterrupted power supply for the next 40 years

How do you upgrade one of Melbourne’s most heavily loaded terminal stations while maintaining 24-7 supply to the Melbourne CBD and tens of thousands of other customers? The answer is - over a period of more than five years, and with very careful planning.

Richmond Terminal Station has been supplying local customers with electricity since the 1960s. But its equipment can’t last forever, and if not replaced has the potential to cause major inconvenience to residents and businesses as power supply inevitably becomes unreliable.

We’re working closely with AusNet Services to upgrade almost all of the equipment, including replacing outdoor switchyards with three buildings housing the latest switchgear technology. The equipment is more compact, and the buildings look good too, using different cladding materials, colours and outlines to create a pleasing visual impact in the neighbourhood.

Keeping the power turned on while we’re doing the upgrade is critical, as is keeping everyone safe and adopting sound environmental practice. It’s a complex undertaking but we’re working with our client as one team. We’ve rolled it out in stages, made the most of non-peak seasons and sometimes designed temporary plant while we decommissioned the old. Collaboration, good planning and our technical know-how will soon give this part of Melbourne a continued supply of power for the next 40 years.

  • 2019 ACENZ INNOVATE - Silver award winner




New architectural buildings

40 years

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Melody Valentine

Principal – Environmental Planning

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Technical Fellow - Power

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Beca Technical Fellow - Power Systems Engineering

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