Concern for the planet’s declining resources has led several of our clients to invest in renewable energy. We are helping them make this happen.

Renewable energy is a hot topic worldwide. As demand for electricity continues to soar, traditional sources for power generation have lost favour to renewables. Most people embrace alternatives that give them the ‘feel-good’ factor.

Mt Mercer is just one of many wind farms contributing to achieving the Australian Renewable Energy Target (RET) of 33,000GWh by 2020.

Located over a 2,600 hectare site south of Ballarat, Victoria, 64 wind turbines, each rated at 2.05MW, give a total wind farm capacity of 131.2MW.  What that equates to is enough electricity to power the city of Ballarat or 80,000 homes. It also means that Victoria will eliminate almost 500,000 tonnes per year of carbon emissions from fossil fuel generators, which is good for the government and our conscience too.

We’ve got experienced power engineers both sides of the Tasman, so we’re ideally placed to provide engineering support on this exciting project. Power generation systems are complex, so our expertise was valuable in offering independent advice and solving the technical and compliance challenges and of connecting the wind farm to the Victorian transmission system.

Now a fixture on the Victorian skyline, Mt Mercer is proof that wind really can help to save our planet.